Seasonal Cleaning & Maintenance

Deep Cleaning is a Necessity!

Believe it or not the summer season is coming to an end, leaving us little time to prepare for the fall season in the Great Smoky Mountains. When preparing your vacation rental for the fall, it's very important to perform a deep cleaning and preventive maintenance service that is above and beyond the routine tasks performed by your cleaners and service technicians between renters. Deep cleans are typically conducted before the peak summer season (April, May) and then prior to the fall season (August, September). This allotted time allows the cleaning team to arrive and focus all their attention on the small knick knacks, and nooks and crannies overlooked by a regular standard departure cleaning. 

If vacation rental properties are maintained with deep cleans on a set schedule, you will always be well prepared and your vacation rental property will always be ready for the upcoming seasons. You will never need to worry if the bedding is clean or high elevation dusting has been completed. 

Over the years we have developed and refined a deep cleaning list to make your investment a success! The Deep Cleaning consists of not only the details but a kitchen inventory assessment, cupboard organization, and items needing to be updated and/or fixed are proactively reported.

Here is our list of specific items that we deep clean: 

Lamps & Light Fixtures

Window sills & Frames
Interior/Exterior Windows
Door Frames
Switch Plates
Ceiling Fans/Globes
Drapery washed
Wall Shelving & Knick Knacks
Blinds (where applicable)
Trash Cans
Carpets Shampooed
Bed Linen
Jacuzzi tubs and jets
Vanity globes
All cabinet doors inside and out
Exterior Grills/Decks/Furniture

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